Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Pet Croc

Since my previous post showed more of my conceptual in progress work, I thought I'd show a short 6 page completed comic to show what the end result of that is.

The finished comic can be found at the Book of Lies site.

Space Comic

I was recently working on a Sci-fi/action/horror comic for Book of Lies that unfortunately fell through for me, but I thought I'd share some of the my initial concept to help show my thought process and design sense.

I knew that there would be a small but large enough group of characters that several would be in frame a large portion of the time. So my initial attempt was to concentrate on the faces and shapes then work on the overall look of the space suits. Later down in this post there will be a partially cleaned up page to show the changes I made from this picture to the comic itself.

After getting the human designs down, my next endeavor was to work on a few of the more technical stuff, so I did a few sketches of the spaceships and an important prop to help me visualize the story.

 After these preliminary sketches I went about the most fun aspect of the story, the alien that attacks the crew, I quickly sketched out several versions of the alien until I got something I felt interesting and appealing to me.

And finally here's 2 partially sketched in pages of the comic before I had to drop the project.

 I hope this sheds some light on my design philosophies and take on this sort of thing.